PetSafe Labs Research & Development

At PetSafe, we develop products and tools that give the best of what you really want to experience with your pet. From our containment systems that keep your pets safe in your yard, to Busy Buddy toys that help fight boredom and challenge your pets mentally, to pet doors and remote trainers that give you freedom and the ability to communicate with your pet more effectively, we are constantly fine-tuning and expanding our product offerings to our customers.

Inside the walls of PetSafe, we bring our pets to work everyday. Each product is made with them in mind. However, the input we receive from our awesome consumers is key to giving pet owners the products that will improve their relationship with their pet and fit their lifestyle. In order to get this information, we need pet owners to test our products in a variety of environments and share their experience. Our PetSafe Labs site is an online working laboratory that connects our engineers with you, passionate pet owners, to help us give you exactly what you want for your pets. When you join the PetSafe Labs site, you are not only helping you and your pets, you're helping pet owners everwhere enjoy their pets more.

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Success Story: Vibration Bark Collar Study

Using vibration technology to deter barking was a new idea for PetSafe. Understanding there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training our pets, we were excited to offer pet owners another tool for training your pets. But before we released the product, we wanted to make sure we got the feedback from everyday pet owners.

With a great group of pet owners and their loveable barking dogs, we sent out prototype products to try. We wanted to know, Is vibration effective at deterring barking? After the six week test, not only did the product deter barking, it was effective on the more determined barkers in our study. Thanks to the feedback from the Vibration Bark Study Group, we made a few minor changes to the product design and released the Vibration Bark Control Collar you see now in stores!